Another GP 7000 Question.




Bought a NIB GP7000F about 2 years back...the round selector knob
has always felt "scratchy" when turned...not positive, but believe
it sometimes "skips" a selection when rotated.

Is this fairly normal or common,
or something I should have looked at next "off" season ?

As always, Thanks to Furuno for making
World Class electronics coastal fishermen
can count on. :furuno
It could be that you have a worn encoder but many times it is just turning the knob too fast and getting ahead of the machine. I would recommend that you monitor the issue and if still having problems; send the unit into our service center for evaluation.
When I choose "Tide Info",
there is a "L" after High Water, Low Water, Sunrise, Sunset,
Moonrise and Moonset times.

What does the "L" stand for ?

I have a picture, can't post it here.