AIS Info Screen Data becomes static (v3.12)



Equipment: TZT 9 running v3.12

On continuous use of the TZT 9 -- 24-48 hours -- AIS details on the Info screen becomes static. The screen shows AIS information from a single past-viewed target regardless of the AIS target selected.

When selecting a vessel, the AIS summary data is correct; however, pressing the info button to view details, the details are not correct.

The TZT continues to exhibit this behavior until it is rebooted. This issue occurred at around 30 hours after power-on during 2 offshore passages of 50+ hours, and I was able to recreate in the slip this past weekend within 36 hours of initial power-on.

To see the issue in action I have uploaded video to Youtube -->
I would start by backing up all your settings/points/tracks and then factory clear the memory buffers in the display. (Hold HOME button on power up until menu comes up - Select ALL, YES, OKAY, CLOSE and the system will reboot. Restore settings/points/tracks)

Let us know.
Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the response. I did a factory clear after the first occurrence, it didn't make a difference.

AIS transceiver is an Em-Trak AIS B100 connected directly to NMEA2000.