adding gp-30 for simple navigation



Hello all, I am removing an old loran system from a boat and will be adding a used gp30 that was given to me. I received a gpa-017 withit, and was wondering if the old whip antenna (its a shakespeare i think) would work,or do i have to use the 017?
Also, the 017 doesn't have a pole or base, is there a required height or location for it? What is the simplest way to mount it. I see threads in the bottom of it, i guess this is for a pole mount? I have some experience in radio, (military) but it was standard whip antennas.Thanks, Brett
You must use a GPS antenna like the GPA017 and not a VHF whip, to pick up GPS data with the unit. The GPA017 should be where it can have clear view of the sky and not near other tranmitting devices that might damage it. There is a good placement diagram near the back of the manual. The GPA017 is a pole mount GPS but many marine stores have many short or elbow mounting options using this standard 1 inch pipe threaded mount.
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Thanks for the quick reply! I installed the unit and antenna and it fixed position right away. My next question is about the screen. It has about four vertical lines in it. I also noticed that if i leave the unit on, and lightly press on the corner half of them come back. Is this a common problem? Can it be fixed? Thanks again, Brett
Are screens still available through furuno? I realize this is an old unit, but i've heard the gp-35 is still in production and thought they may share screens....
Only the GP32 is still available. Japan does not provide the screen as a replacement part. If the LCD goes bad in an older unit like your GP30, it is normally best to replace the display with a newer one like the GP32. (same connections and size/fit)