627 performance issue



Hi, I recently installed a 627 at the recommendation of a friend and am disappointed in the performance. I've changed the angle of the P66 transducer, but am not getting the kind of definition I would expect on the display. I have tried every menu setting but am still unable to get the clarity that everyone keeps telling me about. Is my unit bad?
We are here to help. Can you please post a few screen shots of the 627 display along with screen shots of the settings you are using?

Here is the screenshot ....This is all I ever see. The left side, you see where the bottom has while vertical lines? On the right, the bottom shows solid red, no tails. I've adjusted the gain manually, used auto gain, fishing gain, etc. It doesn't give me bottom readings everyone tells me this fishfinder is known for.

When in the Bottom Discrimination mode the sounders internal settings are optimized for that purpose. When looking for fish I would recommend not using the BD mode. Also I like to use a manual gain mode instead of the fishing gain. Can you send screen shots of the rest of your settings?

:( I wont be able to post any more pictures unfortunately. I took my boat out on Saturday to give my Furuno another try. I came home so pissed off that put it up for sale online. It sold within hours. I took a several hundred dollar loss.