585 with 2kw 50khz




I have a FCV 585 matched with a TM 260 transom mounted traducer on a 20ft Aluminum Cat

I would like more fish discrimination detail in 400 - 700 meters as I deep drop for bottom fish.

Is it possible to match the 585 with a 2kw transducer :sorry I am planning on mounting the transducer on a pole (at the transom) to adjust the height and dropping it down a fair way under the hull to avoid any turbulence and associated issues.

I will only be traveling at 5 -10 knots while its down

Any pointers as to the best transducer for this purpose would be most appreciated. :respect


Sorry I don't have any test data on using a 2kw transducer on the 585. A while ago I heard of a couple of vessels that tried the 585 using an R-99 with mixed results. Since the 585 is a single channel sounder it was meant to be paired with a diplexed transducer. All of the higher power (2/3Kw) transducers that I know of are non-diplexed.

Hello Snips,

I know some of the deep drop fellers in Australia team the 585 or 587 with a 2kw transducer and the MB 100 box to hook it up with. Apparently the performance is exceptional when it comes to fish discrimination in the deeper water 400 - 700m.

Main reason that I didn't get the 295 was a space issue that I had, I know that the 585 is a 1kw fishfinder but apparently it does the business in the deep when teamed with a 2kw transducer.

My thoughts were to get a 2kw 50khz transducer main reason being that it wouldn't be as heavy or bulky as a dual 2kw 50/200 khz transducer and would handle the deep stuff.

Appreciate your reply I will keep digging!