295/TZT2- IF-NMEA 2000 Connection



Good Morning,

We have a FCV 295 fish finder and a TZT2 GPS/Radar Combo. We installed the IFNMEA 2k2 converter which worked great, allowing us to mark waypoints using the mark button on the FCV295. Recently, we lost the network connection and when we hit the mark button the screen says "No Position Data". I confirmed that the NMEA converter is still receiving power, and also checked the plugs for corrosion. I believe everything is fine, and maybe the GPS settings got played with and the GPS no longer knows that it should be sending the position data to the FCV 295. I will be at the boat on Friday, and I am hoping to resolve our issue prior to our trip this weekend. Is there a process I can go through to verify that the TZT2 is seeing the FCV295?

I am very thankful to have this forum as a resource. We wouldn't consider using any other brand.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

You can look at the data being received at the FCV295 by using the built in port monitor. (Menu - System - NMEA - Port Monitor) I expect you should check on items that affects the data path. For example if your TZT2 is the position source, verify it has good GPS data, verify that the needed PGNs are turned on to go out to the NMEA 2000 bus, and verify the NMEA 2000 bus is powered and the IF-NMEA2k2 has the flashing light on it. If your source is something on the NMEA 2000 bus other than the TZT2 (like say a direct 2000 antenna) then you should check to see if that source is providing data to both the TZT2 and the IF-NMEA2k2. You can look to see if you see something odd in the DATA SOURCES where the primary source of data is not the same as "Current" source. (which reflects something is not working correctly with the primary source) I am sure you will find the problem. Unless you have been trying to drive more than the FCV295 with this one converter; then it is unlikely to have gone bad.
Thanks for the response Johnny!

I do know that the TZT2 has good GPS data, and it is the only source of position on our boat. I believe the yellow light is flashing to indicate power, however, I will verify.

Will you please advise the proper PGN so I can verify that the TZT2 is set up properly?

I would recommend 129025 - Position Rapid Update and 129029 - GNSS Position Data be turned "On" in the list of PGNs going out to the NMEA 2000 bus.