2 Question about track display and SD card

just got new boat with TZ14 and TZ9 installed. coming from NN3d on old boat

I just updated them to V 3.01 software.

1st. I can not get the tracks to display. I have it set on 30 sec interval with solid red color. according to the manual you just have to go to the overlay menu and select tracks. This is selected and still nothing. I can select the track rec. and it works fine... but I have to select this every time I power the unit on/off. am I missing something?

2nd. According to the manual there are 2 SD card slots. it even tells me to insert my card into the right slot (figure if it says to insert into right one then there must be a left one too) there appears to be a cover of sorts over the left slot. is this removable? can I access the left card slot? what are the

Ok figured out the SD card. it is just a cover over it, I just didn't want to to go prying on a brand new unit and tear something up. LOL
After upgrading to 3.01; I recommend you factory clear the unit(s). I have seen the tracking issue before when the units were not factory cleared after updating. I would suggest you backup your wayponts/routes and user settings under MENU - FILES; then factory reset the unit(s). You can restore your settings and points after factory clearing the display.
I did a factory reset on the unit. I did not save and load any of the settings/way points. after clearing everything I went back through all the menus and set everything up again manually. I too the boat out today and the tracks still do not appear to be working as described in the manual.

I have the tracks set to solid color (red) with track thickness of 3. I am using a raster chart. under the overlay tab tracks is selected but it will not show them. I can hit the roto key and select track rec and it works fine, but I have to do this every time I power the unit up. it is not automatic like my older NN3D.

Is there something I am missing?
Track recording is turned off when the unit is turned off. If you wish to record a track after bringing up the system, you will have to turn on Track Rec from the roto-key.
I've experienced the same thing. It would be nice if this could be set up to default on so you didn't have to do that each time you power the unit up.
Has there been any feedback from the Product Development folks about retaining the "Track Rec" setting when the unit is turned off and then on again? Are they going to implement this and if so, when, or do we need to get a lot more people to create a chorus of requests?

I agree with sheakx that this would be a very useful feature to have.
Product development agreed and requested that the software be changed. We are not sure when Japan will make the change, but it is on the list.
Hi Johnny & FEC Product Development, That is great. Many thanks