1833C Series Radar Problem



I have an 1833C Series radar with a GD-1900C plotter. The units have worked flawlessly for the 5 years I have owned the boat...until now. Recently, the unit has started emitting two "chirps" of the audio alarm at about 2 minute intervals. (Think the Road Runners "Meep-Meep" here.) When the radar is in operation, it turns goes into stand-by mode immediately after the chirps sound. The radar can be restarted immediately and will continue to work until the next set of chirps. The chirps continue even when the radar is in standby mode. I cannot find anything in the manual indicating what the audio signal might mean. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

Mark West
m/v Water Music
MS390 #190
Hi Mark,
Check to see if you have the watchman mode is on. If you have WTCH in a box in the upper left corner of the radar screen, the watchman mode is on. You can turn it off by pressing the nav function soft key. if that is not it, press the alarm button to see if there are any alarms.

Been there, done that. The guard modes are both off, so the watchman mode should be deactivated, which appears to be the case. There are no alarms showing. Thanks for the thoughts.
The sound you discribe sounds like the "power-up beep-beep". Maybe you have a power problem or the display itself needs to be evaluated by a dealer.