1731 mark 3 problem



I got a 1731 radar that is missing the connector to the radar dome wire. Is there any way to buy the connector instead of the whole wire?
Thanks Chris
If you are talking about the white connectors, that are on the scanner cable, which connect to the scanner; Sure. What one do you need? The 1731 has a 9 pin, 4 pin and a 13 pin.
yea i am looking for the scanner cable one its a rectangular connector unsure of the pin amount.
thank you very much for the info its a big help one last question is there a certain length the scanner cable needs to be or can it be shortened? thanks again Chris
Just acquired a 1731 Mark 3 from someone who upgraded. Pulled off the dome cover to connect the cable. No connecting plugs visible anywhere on the unit. How to connect?
Go to our website www.furunousa.com
Type 1731MK3 into the search area on the upper right.
It will take you to the product and you will find the manual under documents.
Thanks for the input on installing the 1731 Mark 3. I was able to download the manual that has the detailed installation steps. Before I had the manual, I spoke with one of the Furuno engineers in MD who was very familiar with the unit and he stepped me through the process. Very knowledgeable and helpful.