1721 mk2 compatible with these?



I have a 1721 mk2 - RDP-098 - SN 3345-2154.
Will either of the following work with this display unit?

RSB 0035 serial # 2319 0466
RSB 0022 serial # 317 0106

I was going to ask if there was some kind of compatibility matrix, but after reading other posts that required looking at the IF module, I can see it's not that simple!

The 1721Mk2 display serial number reflects a unit sold in Feb 1997. It normally connects to scanner RSB0067. (12 volt tuning system)

The RSB0035-021 uses a 32volt tuning system for some older radar units (FCV1030 for example from 1991-95). It will NOT work with the 1721Mk2 display.

The other scanner you listed (RSB0022) I show no record of, and not sure what you are looking at. You might try getting part numbers from inside the scanner so we can determine what scanner it is. (P.S. Furuno serial numbers are normally 8 digits)

Being that you are building a 15+ year old radar system, you might also want to seek out spare parts. We do still offer some common parts for these older units but some of the parts have been depleted.
Thanks for looking that up!

You always impress me with your willingness and ability to help people!

Have a great weekend!


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