1715 service life?

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I'm approaching the tenth year of service on our 1715 radar. Radome sits on a leveling back stay mount, and display at the helm station open to the elements when underway. Now planning an offshore cruise next summer where I need to count on it. Unit works fine now; is it reasonable to expect a ten year old system to hold up for another season?
Since it's been 10 years, you may want to replace the belt in the radome because that is a wear item. Also, if you haven't had the software updated since you purchased the radar, there is a new version available. To update that, simply send the unit in to our WA repairs section with a note inside the box containing your contact information and that you would like a software update. They'll update it and send it back; typically there is a 7-10 day turn-around. Send the radar to:
Furuno USA
Attn: Repairs
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd
Camas, WA 98607

Other than that, this radar is a reliable one.
Thanks. Couple of follow-on questions:
Re the software upgrade:
- what would I expect to get from the software upgrade?
- do I have to send both the control head and the radome in for the software upgrade?
- is there a charge?

Also, if I do pull the radome to replace the drive belt, should I also replace the magnetron while I'm at it? Two years ago I started to lose longer-distance targets, but by the end of the season the system seemed to "click back in" and operate normally.
The software upgrade will be unnoticeable to the user, however it does provide performance enhancements. The display is all that would need to come in for the software upgrade, but if the dome is sent too, it can be checked out as well. There is no charge for the software upgrade, but there may be a $100 checkout fee for the dome. If you send the dome in the repairs section can replace the belt and magnetron. The particular symptom you mentioned would have to be evaluated at the repairs section before any determination could be made about replacing the magnetron for performance problems. I would suggest sending both the display and dome in and have them check it out so that you peace of mind.
Thanks again.

If I do send you the radome for a check-up, can you give me a ball-park estimate of the cost to replace the drive belt and/or magnetron?
Only the repair section can provide an estimate. All I can tell you is that it is currently $100/hr labor plus the price of the parts.

Who can I contact to get estimates for the parts (belt, magnetron, and others that might be due for replacement)?
Belt - part number 000-177-544-10, MSRP $20.60
Magnetron - part number 001-087-820, MSRP $440.00

There aren't any time replacement parts that I'm aware of. If there is a need to ensure that a working dome is had, you can always purchase the whole dome, part number RSB0095-076, MSRP $1795.00
Thanks for all the help.

I'm going to send both the display and radome to the Furuno repair shop that you mentioned earlier (for software upgrade on the display, and checkup/service on the radome). Should I contact them ahead of time, or just send the items with a cover letter describing the requested service?
Just send the items with a cover letter and your contact information.
Any tips on packing these items (display and radome) for shipping?
The original packing is normally the best way to go. If you don't have it, Make sure to use white plastic screen cover on the display because bubble wrap can scratch the screen during vibrations while in shipment.
Shipped radome and display unit today via UPS. ETA your shop 5 Feb.
Just received confirmation that my unit (1715 radome and display) arrived at your shop in Camas, Wa. Request confirmation from your end, and POC for the work.

The forum is not the best way to communicate this personal transaction. Your best bet would be to call the Repairs section at 360-834-9300 to speak with them directly.
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