1650 depth issue in plot mode



Hello everyone, looking for some help and found this place.

I have a new to me boat that has a Furuno radar unit, GPS-1650D and an FCV620 fish finder. All systems seem to work like new. I installed a Navionics Classic Upper Chesapeake card and it seems to work great with one exception. On the plot mode the depth on the charts appears to be listed as "X.X mt". I have no idea what that is. For instance, at my dock where the depth is just over 5 ft. the chartplotter indicates 0.6 mt. I'm clueless as to what "'mt" is or how to change it to read ft.

Can anyone tell me how to change this or point me in a direction to get some assistance? I have tried to find this in the manual, but so far have had no luck.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

I did just that and it changed the depth in the header bar to read in feet, but on the chart portion of the plot display the depth indications did not change.
My Navionics Chesapeake chip (in a GP1650) has white spot depth sounding numbers that change when I toggle from meters to ft. The numbers do not show ft or mt next to the numbers. They just change based on your settings. I am not sure what you are looking at. On Navionics' web site they have an example shown http://www.navionics.com/classic-0 that shows a H=59MT on land. You might ask Navionics if no one else has a guess of what you are seeing.
Latest update:

I contacted Navionics and they said that the last run of classic chips used data that showed depths in meters, and this information is in a text file in the software. If your specific GPS unit cannot convert this text file than all you will see is meters. I was told that many older units are not capable of this conversion. If you have an older chip you might not see this, but then your data might not be all that relevant either.

I got the same answer from the techs at BOE marine where I bought the chip.

So it appears as though the GPS-1650D is not capable of converting this data (depth as shown in the plot mode) into feet instead of meters. I am stuck living with this or changing to another unit, so for now I'll just live with it until I can upgrade things.

Anyone know the asking price for a GPS-1650D with two Navionics classic chips...