1650 data transfer



Trying to get waypoints and routes into a 1650. Despite having a memory card to be able to transfer that way, I have no FP card reader. I purchased a serial cable and downloaded gps-utility software for the "old" way, but I can't seem to get the two talking. Anybody have some setup pointers/ tutorial on getting it setup? Currently I have cable connected to the dgps port, port 2 set to nmea 2.0, g-util I setup the gps as furuno, baud rate is 4800, and switched between the two available com ports the software said we're available.
I would recommend using a port monitor on your PC (like Microsoft HyperTerminal) to look at the port and see if you can see data. If not; then you might have the wiring wrong or a bad NMEA port on the 1650.
Im gonna try a serial to usb adapter to auto sense the port tonight. Hopefully that works. Are there any special setup instructions besides what I have outlined?
No luck with serial to USB. Port address was easy to determine but no transfer. Is there wiring diagram that I can look at? The 7 pin connector is fixed but I can likely change the serial side around.
Wiring for RS232/Serial is shown in the operator's manual. Any serial to usb adaptor you used, would require that you refer to that company for information.

Got it..was the cable wiring. Furuno must be selling it for another setup, but 3 bucks at radio shack for a new female connector and a few minutes with the diagram and all is well.
Yes, if you purchase a pre-made RS232 cable you must make sure they give you the correct one. The wiring for the RS232 cable for a NavNet 1/Vx2 is not the same as the GP1650/1850 series for example.

Glad to hear you got it working!