1650 antenna


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Hi,, dose anyone know if a GPA019 antenna will work on a 1650W ? Will it pick up the WAAS satellite signal .

thank you
Finally got to Florida to and plugged in that 1650W .. It will do a GPS 3D but not a GPS W3D. it will pick up 9 satellites but not the WAAS satellite. I tried the Auto and manual option for the search, but no luck. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it ,,, the unit is with in .001 or .002 thousandth of my 1650D that i have been using for many years. And locks in steady as good as the 1650D.

your advice is greatly appreciated,
The function of WAAS in internal to the display and not related to which coax antenna you are using. It could be that you have something in the area between you and the WAAS satellite. For Florida you can setup for MANUAL 138 or AUTO and normally get a WAAS fix as long as you don't have any physical blockages.
Humm , i thought in manual, i would use the 122 . i will try the 138 .
I hope being under a fiberglass hard top doesn't affect the unit .

It is not recommend for the antenna to be under cover of anything, or within your Radar beam or other RF sources that might damage it.

Changing to manual 138 might work because 122 is no longer being used as a WAAS satellite.