1621 won't turn on when temp is above 80



I have a 1621 that was serviced by furuno last year . . . display was replaced. It worked well, but shortly afterward the unit would not power on cold days. It will reliably turn on when temp exceeds 80 degrees. Any ideas what this might be? I've verified with a multimeter that 12volts is getting to cable ends . . . seems like might be board or switch issue inside the head unit.
The 1621 sold from 1993-1995 and it is showing its age. You should have the unit evaluated by a qualifed repair center. If you are a Furuno USA customer; I recommend you send the unit in. You would send the unit to the Furuno Repair Facility with a detailed description of the problem. No RMA number or initial payment is required. Please make sure to include your contact information. The address is listed below for your convenience.

Furuno USA, Inc
Attn: Service Department
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607-9408

The Service Center will contact you concerning cost and billing after the unit has been evaluated.
The Service Center has a $100 evaluation fee for out of warrantee items, but they will apply that towards the repair cost, if you choose to have it repaired. Repair time can vary depending on work load and season. Mostly 7-10 business days plus postal time. If you need to contact our service center they can be reached at 360-834-9300. (ask for the service center)

If you are not a USA customer, you should contact your local distributor.

Due to the age of the radar, you might also consider replacing it with a newer unit like the 1623 or 1715.
Thanks for the information. I found a blown capacitor on the mainboard. Assuming the problem is just the single capacitor does Furuno replace the single capacitor or will they replace the entire mainboard?
The USA service center does some component repair but normally only involving NMEA output drivers and assorted components. If you were good enough to open a unit and troubleshoot the capacitor, it sounds like that you most likely have the stills to replace it. Don’t underestimate you own skills. It could be that capacitor has blown because of some other damage on the board. This can take many hours of labor and isn’t cost effective in most cases; the board is replaced. Many authorized Furuno dealers have bench technicians who are willing to do more detailed component work, if you can’t. You might contact your local dealers and see what parts or skills they can offer you. The fact that Furuno can still offer repairs on radar that is almost 20 years old is much more than most. Likely in this case; unless you work with your dealer or repair it yourself, it would be a board replacement.