1150 with matching box



I am in the market for higher preformance.I was running the 585 with a B260-525thdd.The transducer was 8 years old.I had it with a 582L.The transducer lost temp and had some pretty big scuffs on the face.I decided to get a new one,the same kind.This combo has caught us thousands of fish.I got a New 526tid-hdd 20x6 degree cone.They told me and the airmar site says it is a broadband transducer.My question is I want to get more preformance from my head unit,I want to buy a 1150 and kick it up a notch.I have been told my transducer ,which is brand new(526tidhdd 10 pin) will not work with a 295 or 1150.I was told they are wired differn't.I use my machine 95% of the time a 200kh.Can I buy a 295 or 1150 and use a matching box to run my new 526tidhdd??? Will I notice any preformance difference,other than a larger presentation?? Capt.Mike www.daybreakercharterfishing.com :shock:
You can not use a transducer (like yours) that have an internal diplexer on the larger commerical sounders like the FCV295 or FCV1150. A matching box is basically an external diplexer for using non-diplexed transducers, normally used on commericial sounders, with units like the FCV585. (not the other way around) For your boat and fishing. I would recommend the FCV585 with a B260 transducer.
Thank's for the fast reply.The customer service is everything.We were out fishing.Caught 41 various snapper.Yes the 585 with a B260 is pretty darn good.If it aint broke don't fix it.
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