1150 or 295 to a 111c



Have you guy's tried the 295 or 1150 to a new chirp 111c in hull yet??The reason I say 111c is they say the signal loss for a in hull chirp transducer is much less than a regular r299 in hull.Just trying to figure out my new equipment.I will not go with Garmin,Ray,or Simrad,even know there screen shots look impressive.There was a guy thay bought Simrad chirp AND Garmin chirp and was not happy with either.I have checked every where about chirp and there are Very few people saying that they are running a system and they love it.
Have you tried a 1150 or 295 to a b265?? There is no doubt that the new transducers are awesome but what can us FURUNO guy's hook them to??? How long do we have to wait??
Capt.Mike :capt
Capt. Mike,
I haven't tried the 111C but I have tried the B-265LH and R-509LH with the FCV-1150. The goal was to see how the R-509LH would compare the R-309 and the B-265LH to the B-260. One advantage of using the FCV-1150 is that you can change its frequency to match different transducers. I found the B-265LH performed better at 40Khz on the LF and 120-130Khz on the HF side. The R-509LH liked 35Khz and 120-130Khz.