Furuno Navnet VX2 - slow heading update

Furuno Navnet VX2 - slow heading update

Postby Looney Tuna » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:16 pm

I'm currently running a series of Navnet VX2's all tied in with a SC50 sat compass.
I'm getting a very slow heading update displayed on my chart.
Im assuming its putting out AD10 to the Navnet VX2.
It looks like data port 1 and 6 are in use inside the SC50.
I have been told I don't need a PG500 to speed things up so I'm stumped on what to do from here on.
Has anyone had a similar issue? Any suggestions on how to speed things up?
Looney Tuna
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Re: Furuno Navnet VX2 - slow heading update

Postby C-Bass » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:06 am

Good afternoon Looney Tuna,

Thank you for your inquiry. To start with AD10 data coming from the SC50 by default is fast enough to provide heading to the VX2 to allow Radar Overlay on the chart and also ARPA if the ARPA module is installed. These features require fast heading usually around 10hz or 10 times a second. So if indeed the SC50 is interconnected to the VX2 using AD10 you should be all set.

I am curious on the update rate on your chart.
How do you determine the change in heading data?
Are you going by how fast the boat icon changes in relation to a course change?
Do you have a data box up that is displays the heading data and are you using that to compare to a course change?
Does your Vx2 system also have a radar connected? If you do please go to the radar display and look at the heading value in the upper right, when you make a course change does this value change rapidly or is it slow?

From your inquiry it is unclear what data port the SC50 is providing heading to the Vx2. I think we need to start there and figure out what SC50 output port is interfaced to the Vx2. The SC50 has multiple output ports as you know. Those output ports can be configured to output in the AD10 format or NMEA. If they are set to NMEA the data output rate can be slow or fast depending on how it is programmed. Does the vessel have a wiring diagram that you could share or do you have contact with the electronics installer to see how it was wired? If you don't that is ok but it would sure make this task a little easier.

At this stage, we will wait for some of the follow up answers to the questions above. Based on that information we will come up with a game plan on how to test and figure out what is going on.

We will be standing by.

Kind Regards,
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