Intergation of FA50, FI50, GP330 and TZ

Intergation of FA50, FI50, GP330 and TZ

Postby seaescape » Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:55 pm

After reading a post of Luke343 in Oct 2013 I have this question. If it is possible to intergrate the radar DSR4D unit with TZ Explorer using a PSU012 without the MFD. Can the same be done with the FI50 displays and GP330 gps. My setup is MFD8, DRS4D radar, FA50, FI503, 04, 01 displays. I'm sure all this should be able to be setup to work with Maxsea TZ Explorer without the use of the MFD. I realize that this may not be of benefit to Furuno but it is to the many Furuno owners that want redundancy. Sailing the world I NEED redundancy. If the MFD fails my whole system is out. It seems that Luke's fix was within the Furuno system as the parts required are supplied by Furuno and the software was ready to be configured. It is only a matter of finding the correct documentation and being supplied it.
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Re: Intergation of FA50, FI50, GP330 and TZ

Postby TheReaper » Mon Dec 01, 2014 5:50 am

Furuno USA does not support connecting the radar directly to MaxSea TZ Explorer. I understand that overseas, there is a way as you pointed out about Luke343's post. That is something done at the customer's own risk and -again- not supported by Furuno USA. The instruments (FI50 series) and other NMEA2000 devices are supported directly to the MaxSea TZ Explorer and have never required an MFD to integrate together. I'd recommend having the latest version of MaxSea TZ Explorer to ensure compatibility with NMEA2000 devices.

Having said all that...any MaxSea software support for U.S. customers is now handled completely by Nobeltec. Please contact them for further assistance (
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