TZT9 MFD Screen Delamination

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I have an older TZT 9" mfd (SN 4392-0957, probably bought on the West Coast/SD) on a yacht in Cabo and the heat has cooked the screen to delaminate most of the center. It still works ok, but just aint right. I'm good at marine electronics repairs... Is there a known way to purchase a replacement screen or must it be done thru FUSA? Being in Cabo is cool, but tought to get things down herer, so having a friend Mule parts down is a pretty common occurance.


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Dealers can order the TZT9 LCD panel (p/n 001-525-570-00) but normally the replacement is best done by someone familiar as the small ribbon cables have locks on the main board and if broken it can turn into other boards that need to be replaced as well.
The part number for the GP1971F LCD assembly for units sold before Oct 2022 is P/N 001-533-390-00. If yours is newer or purchased around this time, I recommend checking with your dealer with your serial number as the production changed on these units during the later half of 2022. The previous panel and newer type are not compatible with each other so you must get the correct one. Units sold new today use P/N 001-640-840-00.
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