tzt 14 cannot be repaired what is alternative ?


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Hello Johnny ,
in 2012 as one of the first i bought a tzt14 for our sailboat under construction. Reason was my preference for C-map .
In order to make this unit wortk properly we added a DFF1 with a airtmar SS60 sensor .
As radar we use a DRS2D scanner .
My plotter's screen delaminated in 2014 after abt 4000 hrs .
The dealer replaced this unit asnd now about 3000 hours further it delaminates again .
The shop of Radio Holland accepted it for repair and 3 months later advised me it cannot be replaired .
A what is the usual procedure in such a case ? and what unit would you recommend as replacement ;
The unit is a stand alone .

Wld appreciate your advise on this.
Best Regards
Patrick piret
Rih Malti
Good morning RihMalti,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The TZT product line is available for sale in the USA. As such we most likely can repair your unit. So which Radio Holland group told you that they cannot repair it? What is there location?

Second, where did you purchase the original unit? What country and distributor?

Where are you located now? Are you in the US?

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Dear C-Bass ,
I bought the unit via a dealer who gave up and told me to deal directly with Radio Hollland. Radio Holland is the distributor of Furuno in the Netherlands .Radio Holland is the biggest company handling navigation electronics for deapsea ships fisheries inland navigation etc . Furuno is one of their main brands .

They replaced the first unit and have now the second unit in their hands for repair for the last 3 months . RThe repair was quoted 2200 E Upon asking what is happening they said it cannot be repaired anymore .
I know they installed a special facility for rebonding these type of damages .

The damage was two times the typical debonding of the screen as you can see in the many pictures on internet .

I am afraid they want me to buy a new one and i feel it is a product design problem ...

Your advise how to handle this would be very much appreciated. Although I know it is difficult to send the unit noew to the USA for repair and back . Or is it an option ?

Patrick Piret
S/Y Rih Malti
The serial number is ; 43930339.

Second question ; i use mac on board ; i downloaded a chart for an update and plugged the sd card in which was in the plotter with the old charts and the computer says not compatible unreadable . Is this not posasible from mac ?

Patrick Piret SY Rih Malti
Thank you Rih Malti for providing the information about the serial number.

I am making some additional inquires, please standby.

Kind Regards,
When you downloaded the chart, it was likely in a ZIP format. Before you placed the data onto the SD Card did you UNZIP the data using a program.

The data will need to be unzipped using a 3rd party program before being placed onto the SD Card?


That serial number unit was sold in 2012 for the middle east which is outside our sales and service area. It isn't a Furuno USA sold unit. The two year warranty has long expired. The costs of sending it to the USA and back for repair evaluation wouldn't be cost effective. Hopefully you can get something worked out with your local distributor. If they say it is non-repairable; you might ask if they can provide a discount on a suitable replacement unit. Any special considerations must be worked out with them.

Dear Johnny,

coming back on your last post, we are heading for Grenada Caribbean . And I am dreaming of a tztouch3 12f to replace my old tztouch 14" .
The reason as above it is not reliable reboots often, the screen is delaminated and the wifi does not work .
The reason I would like to change is to correct the above .
Pls confirm the issue of the reboots is solved on this unit ?
I have a fish finder box DFF1 with a sensor type P60 on it and a radar DRS4D.
I understand that I can take out the DFF1 and connect the P60 directly and that the DRS4D needs a software update to work on this unit ?

I also take some of the info over on the nmea 2000 and on a limited name 183 . Is this possible ? name 183 is for Furuno navtexNX300 and for the DSC function of my vhf and shortwave dsc radio .

Kindly advise on the technicalities and how you see this qua delivery in Grenada or in Sint. Maarten .

Best Rgds
Patrick Piret
You will not need a radar software update. If the radar works with TZT it will work with TZT3. You can either keep your DFF1 as it is now, or connect the transducer to the TZT3 using the provided 10 to 12 pin adaptor. If you are currently running TZT with 6.02, you should not have rebooting unless you have a ground loop or other issue with the existing install. The TZT3 offers 0183 output only (no 0183 input). You can connect your radio and NX300 to the TZT3 0183 output without any problem.
Johnny, I am new on this forum, but an old user from 2015. How can I DM you to ask about a TZT9 screen? Do I need to post a separate post?