Next Generation FCV585



Being a proud owner of the 585 I was just wondering if you have any information on:
(a) What is the next product launch anticipated
(b) What are the key features we will see in the future
Hi npet -

Thank you for being a proud owner of the FCV585 and for your question. I will answer your question the best that I can, but it will be vague in nature, because we keep our product development confidential.

In general, our R&D begins working on new products and new features immediately after the release of a product. We take into account feedback that we receive from our dealer network and customers around the world. So you can feel confident that the next generation of the FCV585 is in the development stages, however I do not have any specific information or time frame for release at this time. Your best bet is to come back to this forum and check under the Furuno News section or under the Company section of our web site. In the mean time, if you have any specific feature requests for the next generation, this is a great place to post your ideas.

Tight lines!
Calico Jack
Thanks Jack - please let me know when the 585 was first released.
You can connect an external monitor of Furuno 585 with a composite video cable.
So am I to understand that if you own an FCV585 there isn't a solution to have a second monitor that can clone the first display?
Thank you
Thank you Melville. Do you know of any off hand that can be dual stationed?
Unless you want to go with a networked system that includes an MFD I'm afraid I can't suggest anything.