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G'day. I recently bought a boat from a mate and it has a TZTL15F.
I checked to see if the mapware is current and it tells me that TZT2 Version 2.0.0 is up to date. But looking at YouTube tutorials, there is reference to TZtouch2 software version 4.01.
Could someone please tell me what i'm missing here, please?

Furuno Newbi

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Hello and thank you for the link and down load PDF.
I have managed to upgrade the TZtouch2 from the operating system 2.0 to 8.01. I have retained all the saved points and mapware, there are a few new features and all looks fine apart from that the system date displayed is 1Jan 2014 and i cant find how to update to the current date , day and time.

The only thing that i did not do was the the final step which was to ::

"Reset the MFD via the Service Menu (or power up reset) after the update
process has been completed. Please see “TZT2 Factory Reset

I didn't have the nerve to reset the MFD.... Could this be the reason?
Surely updating the MFD by editing the current date and time should be a straight forward process?

Johnny Electron

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Your boat needs clear view of the sky for any GPS onboard to get the date/time from the satellites. I suspect the boat must be under cover to have the date so far off.


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I would not worry about doing the "hard" factory reset. Noting bad has come of doing it for me at least. Just save your settings and backup routes and waypoints beforehand. In fact, my experience is that the units seem to run better after the reset.

The one thing that could cause a big problem would be an interruption in the power supply during the reset so be certain everything is connected properly and you have a good charge on the batteries or otherwise can ensure a stable power supply.

Furuno Newbi

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Thank you both for your replies.

@ Quitsa, the power supply was strong and un-interrupted for the entire process, so i am confident that was not an issue.

@ JE, althpough the boat skleeps in a steel shed, i show connection to about 11 or 12 satilites. I will pull it out and give it a clear sky go, just to be sure, sine that seems to be the next easy step.