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Hi Folks,
when I try and run our autohelm in windvane -- it has never worked....that we know of, I only discovered it was able to steer to the wind 2 days ago (we have sailed this boat some 7000 nm) -- most the time set to course.

I see that the port 1 and port 2 are both set to nmea data out and nmea data in has no awa or aws.

I have read the manuals and compared the diagrams to what I see in the nmea (rats nest) and the autohelm processing unit. In the rats nest there is a group of wires labelled l500 to data the autohelm setup port 2 is set as an outbound port.

So my question is this .... what configuration should the autohelm have? or is it a wiring issue?

is the wind sensor feed directly to the autohelm or does it get processed by the fl50 and then sent to the autohelm?
The FI5001 wind sensor would need to go to an FI50 (FI501 or FI502) or to an IF-NMEAFI. The the data could be translated out to NMEA0183 to go to your NavPilot 500 (FAP5002) processor. The wind data cannot go direct to the NavPilot processor because it is native analog.
You are correct, Data 2 is out only.
You'll also need to ensure the NMEA versions match between the talker and listener.

It sounds like a wiring problem to start. If it never worked, there may also be settings to go over as well.
I've attached the 1st draft of the wiring diagram - I just choose any image to differentiate the various components


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With the navnet3d you're not supposed to run a 12 and a 8 on the same NMEA2000 network. I'd start there.

Good morning -- the 12 and 8 are not connected via neama - my mistake.
I have made progress - in the fl5002 junction box there are two jumpers in the top right (terminating resistors) -- both were set to the center and right pins (on), when I moved the right jumper to the center and left pins (off) the wind data is now available to the autohelm. However the wind instruments now loose their wind data after about 20 minutes then it recovers after a short while.
I have tested putting and terminator on the fl50 but then we loose the wind data at the autohelm.

I'm at a loss of why the wind has become unstable when it can communicate with the Autohelm.
Now I notice that the analog wind instrument Fl50 (wind) does not go offline -- but plotters, autohelm and fl50 multi all loose wind data -- so the issue must be between the fl50 wind and the rest of the instruments.
I found a join of many different wirers under to steering pedastil -- when I messed with them the wind stopped failing -- so tomorrow I will solder all the joins at this set of wirers -- this should stabilise teh wind comms to the rest of the boat
So now I have soldered all the joints in the steering pedastil -- and we are still loosing wind data to the rest of the instruments and the plotters. after a while it recovers and starts working again ...... any ideas would be helpful, please
I notice that the shield wire coming from the wind sensor to the fl50 wind is not connected -- would this be an issue?
If none of the other items on the bus are having any problems it could be the older FI50 display as a NMEA driver chip that has a problem. You might want to send it into the service center and have it tested.
it worked just fine for months until I changed the top right resistor to off in the Junction box -- and when I turn it back on the fl50 works fine.
So it seems that the autohelm is connected to the junction through a neama 2k to 183 adaptor/transformer -- when wind fails on the fl50 multi and I unplug the neama adaptor the wind starts working again. So I think we have a data collision between the junction box and the autohelm.
WOOOT WOOOT ... got the problem solved -- the original install of the gps was wired to the neama system and fead data1 and data2. In January the old gps was preplaced with a gp-33 when the old gps date/time could not be upgraded.
That gps was professionally installed and was wired to the neama (vhf, autohelm data1 and 2) and it was also wired to the CAN bus. First the ais system fell over because it needed a software upgrade to talk to the new gps, this was only discovered after we crossed the Atlantic. The neama gps link to data1 and 2 meant that the gps data and wind data were being fead to the autohelm and the authelm was in turn feeding it back to the can bus causing a data collision. When this happened the position data and the wind data were lost. Once I removed the gps to Data1 and 2 all worked as expected......