FAX-30 HTTP adress


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Hello i just want to make sure that the HTTP adress for PC usage of the FAX-30 is the one still published in the documentation :

Altough i can access it from the Navnet3D, this adress is not existent from the PC connected to the HUB 101 (which host my Maxsea software and thus is in communication with the Navnet)

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Johnny Electron

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Yes, the FAX30 IP is fixed at
It should only be accessed via a PC when it is NOT part of a NavNet system. When it is part of a NavNet system, it is accessed with the NavNet display. It is either/or but not both. When using a PC with the FAX30 (when not part of the NavNet system) you MUST also setup your IP address of the PC based on the instructions provided in the manual. (starting on page 7-7 of manual).