DRS4D not recognized by MFD12?



I have a new system installed right from the builder. I turn on the plotter and go through the installation wizard. There is the MFD12, DRS4D, and DFF1 on the system. It goes through a generic hub, not Furuno HUB101. The installation wizard will not recognize the DRS4D or DFF1.

I then bypass the ethernet switch and plug the ethernet cable directly into the back of the MFD12. The installation wizard recognizes the sounder and the light is blinking on the module. I think great, that is all I have to do with the radar. I do the same with the radar and the installation wizard still does not recognize it?

At this point I am thinking a cable issue? Connections are tight, I have 51vdc at the radar power plug.
Welcome Mick
As long as you only have one MFD display, using an off the shelf Hub/Switch is fine (as long as the system is properly configured). Normally you need the Furuno HUB101 when you have more than one MFD, so you can have the needed power sync function(s).

By the sound of it, the MODE switches might be incorrect on your sounder. With the off the shelf hub, the mode switches on the DFF1 sounder should be DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN.

When it comes to the radar; it does sound like you have a radar scanner cable problem. I would try a normal Ethernet cable directly from the scanner to the MFD and bypass the existing scanner cable. Then bring up the MFD12 and see if it can find the radar.
Got it. The radar was a cable issue and the DFF1 was the mode settings. Thanks.
If you have a single MFD display, off the shelf hub/switch, and the DRS4D radar can you extend the radar cable with a 4 pair (8 wire) off the shelf ethernet cable? Or do I have to use the Furuno 2 pair cat5 (4 wire) cable?
I need to go from the base of the mast over to the network switch.
You can use an off the shelf cable as long as it is shielded (metal not plastic RJ45s) Cat5e or Cat6 rated cable. Normally for a mast connection, people use a RJ45 to RJ45 shielded coupler (like Furuno p/n RJ4-5CN-STR) and then weather proof the junction.
You indicated that you could connect two network cables together that are shielded using the RJ4-5CN-STR. This coupler does not pass the shield. I just ordered one and it is made of black plastic. I also contacted the support desk and I was told that Furuno does not sell a pass through device that will connect the shield of the two cables. I now have to find a device that will connect the shield so that I can maintain the shield integrity of the network cables.

Furuno was selling some Black couplers but internal the shield was passed, then they changed to one that was made of metal that did. If they have changed to one that doesn't pass shield, that is news to me. I will look into it. If the one you purchased doesn't; I recommend you refund it with your dealer.

If you are seeking one still, you might look at this .....
http://www.monoprice.com/Product?seq=1& ... 7Aodk1UAdw
I did plug two shielded rj45 cables into the coupler to check if the shield passed and it did not. The RJ45 plugs have metal around the plug. I will return the item to Defender your East Coast Dealer.

Thanks for reporting that. We did indeed find that the vendor supplied the wrong couplers to us. We are correcting our stock. Defender should accept the return but if you have any problems tell them to contact us. If you PM me your mailing info; I will send you a Furuno coffee cup for your efforts. Nice find. Thanks again for letting us know.