Connections complete, multiple issues as follows.....

Tom Stewart

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I have a NN3D MFD that was taken out of my old boat. I did buy some new (and new to me) components to reinstall system in new boat.
GP 330B - new
DFF1-UHD reconditioned from Max Marine Electronics
DRS6A - reconditioned from Max Marine Electronics
Airmar B265LH - new

Please see attached pdf for actual connection diagram.

Here are the issues:

Initial startup - I go to the install menu and it searches for items on the network. It doesn't find anything connected to the MFD. I walk through the menus attempting to select my specific items and only see the DFF1-UHD....still doesn't work. Completely kill the power to everything for 4 or 5 minutes, restart and go the install menu. Now it has found the DFF1, but nothing else. I exit the menu and go to GPS connection tab. It shows a date of Jan 1, 2003 and my location off the West coast of Africa. So the system is definitely not seeing the GP 330.

I tried restarting several times and sometimes it does see all of my components EXCEPT the GP 330B, but they will be able to be accessed in the various sub-menu's and then they disappear after about 2 minutes....strange.

I cut the power again and rechecked all of the connections. Here is what I found:

GP 330 B has a good connection to the NMEA2000 backbone. Terminators on both ends of the backbone. As a matter of fact, this GP330B is the ONLY thing connected to the NMEA2000 backbone. I have the yellow cable going to 12VDC off the backbone. I was told to remove the pin in the #5 hole in the GP 330B head unit, which I did.

In looking at my hub, I noticed that there was traffic showing on a port that nothing was plugged in to...could be an issue. I did move the network connections into this hub around and that is when things started be found on the network in the install menu, however, they would disappear after approximately 2 minutes like I said above.

One problem MIGHT be in the connection of the transducer to the DFF1. The problem is that the manual and the diagram on the DFF1 are not the same. The manual shows taking the 3 bare wires in the cable from the transducer to the DFF1 and wrapping them around the cable sheathing and tightening the clamp down upon them when running the cable into the DFF1. The diagram on the inside cover plate of the DFF1 shows the bare wires being inserted into the WAGO connector. It specifically says Bare on the DFF1 cover plate. The manual shows these same WAGO connections labeled as DRAIN....confusing at best.

I did not see any specific instructions for connecting the GP 330 B to the NMEA2000 connector, but it appeared that there was only five wires that needed to be inserted into the NMEA2000 connector and tiny screws held them in place inside the connector; I did not see any shielding instructions for this connection.

  1. Why will all of my connected items be found except for the GP 330 B only to disappear after 2-3 minutes?
  2. Why is my GP 330 B not being shown at all?
  3. Do the three bare wires coming from the transducer to the DFF1 need to be inserted into the WAGO connector or wrapped around the cable as shown in the manual?
I have several old ethernet switches laying around. Will they work in place of a hub?

Thank you for your help!



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Johnny Electron

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A1. It seems you are trying to relate the NMEA 2000 network with the Ethernet network. They are not the same network. The fact your sounder isn't seen isn't related to the GP330B. They are on entirely different bus systems.
A2. No magic wand here but as you described the NMEA 2000 connector of the GP330B it sounds like a field connection and not the factory connection. Field connections are known to be very problematic to put together correctly. If a field connection is used I would review the wiring carefully because they tend to get shorted when assembled.
A3. Looking at the posted documents under the DFF1-UHD, I find no documents that describe wrapping the wires under the hold down. I think somehow you got ahold of documents relating to the DFF-3D which that is done. The install of the transducers wires should follow the lid and the manual of the DFF1-UHD. While it is important to wire the transducer correctly, that wouldn't relate to the sounder talking to the network. That would be entirely different issue. You should verify the sounder dip switches are at default. My first thought is something is really wrong with your hub because it shouldn't have network ports flashing without anything connected to it.

I would recommend trying not to shove the entire dinner into ones mouth at the same time. Break down the system into small bites. Try taking the sounder directly to the MFD network port bypassing the hub and everything else. When running the wizard, does it see the sounder?