295 alarms and zoom.



Hi,I have couple of questions dialing in my sounder.I am going to try and use the alarm for bottom fish.What is the best way to set the alarm for bottom fish when not using bottom lock,just bottom zoom.Do I set it for the water depth I am fishing in?I realize that in bottom lock you can set it for say 10 ft and you set,but I don't use bottom lock that often.Second question. Is there a way to zoom in less than 16 ft.I have run it in horizontal division with high on top with it zoomed on bottom.This way you can get it a 8ft,but if you try to run full screen zoom in user 1 the best it will do is 16ft.I have also just run normal high freq.full screen.I will set my range a 16ft and **** the display from there.This way works pretty good but..How can you really zoom in on the bottom...Thanks,Mike
Using the Bottom Lock Fish Alarm (I feel) is the best option because you only need to set it up once. If you would like to see the tail of the bottom try using one of the two Bottom Discrimination modes. 16ft is the smallest zoom setting.



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