Upgrading 585 to 588 w/same transducer

Upgrading 585 to 588 w/same transducer

Postby echavez1 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:08 pm

I have the Furuno 585 fishfinder matched to a 525ST-MSD transducer/f block

1) Thinking of upgrading to the 588 w/Rezboost. Will it really improve the fish separation from the bottom with the existing unit? And if so can I used the existing wires to the new unit, I to do I have to re-run them?

2) If I wanted to upgrade my transducer as well to a 1Khz, which would you recommend to fit in the same hole and be similar size as the 525ST-MSD, my boat is only 24" so I don't want a fairing block much larger than what I already have.

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Re: Upgrading 585 to 588 w/same transducer

Postby Deep Blue Sea » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:54 pm


Thanks again for your inquiry.

RezBoost feature is available in the FCV588 where signal processing developed by FURUNO improves the resolution and target separation when using conventional narrowband transducers. This gives you the ability to see game fish bait balls, as well as fish close to the seabed.

Not only can you expect higher resolution, as RezBoost sounder produces an image that is up to 8 times clearer. The FCV588 also has a "White Line Function" which is perfect for anyone who bottom fishes.

The white line makes it easy for you to see the separation between the sea floor and a fish laying on the bottom. It is also useful for judging fish school density as well.

I would recommend looking at the 525STID-MSD transducer as a capable replacement for your existing transducer. It's a close match in size and offers you Bottom Discrimination capability.

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