Swordfishing in 1800-2400'- Suggest best setup

Swordfishing in 1800-2400'- Suggest best setup

Postby hopsnewb » Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:39 am

I will be swordfishing in the Gulfstream in 1800 - 2400 ft with the fish about 100' from the bottom. The bottom is rocky outcroppings surrounded by sand. What would be the best setup to provide a clear picture of the bottom and discern bait (squid and eels) and large fish?

I would also like to be able to detect a thermocline and realize it may require a different mode to find this depth.

I will be primarily drifting when fishing, and will make 6-8 knots when hunting.
I don't mind customizing the hull if need be.

Please provide the power requirements if possible.

Thank you
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Re: Swordfishing in 1800-2400'- Suggest best setup

Postby Snips » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:17 am

The set up I would look at would be a FCV-1150 using a CA28BL-6HR and CA200B-8B. The 200B will be good for thermoclines and the 28BL for deep water detection. The 28BL has a beam width of 22 x 32 degrees and normally the 32 degrees is port/stbd. However the transducer has an square shape so I would rotate it 90 degrees so the 32 beam width is for/aft.

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