Postby caper23 » Sat May 20, 2017 5:40 am

I bought a boat which has a Furuno chartplotter 1650WF model.

Seems to be working ok.
the maps it takes are CMAPS NT + on AN FP card (old card with wire kinda clip on outside)

anyway I have a cmap NT + FP card with maps of the Shannon region in Ireland but I want either local cork are or all of Ireland.
I put in the FP card I have and scrolled up to that area and zoomed in but no details on maps . and every time I press zoom in or out it says no data or no map.

The plotter is reading the current lattidtude and longitude perfect.

1. the FP card with maps I have is faulty or blank
2. there is an issue with the card reader on the plotter.

If I had another FP card with maps to check if this works I may have an idea before buying new maps.
I want to know if Plotter is working before I buy new cards.
anyone got any ideas?
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Postby Melville » Sun May 21, 2017 7:19 am

I would suggest contacting your closest Furuno Distributor which is Furuno UK.
They should be able to recommend a dealer who might have an FP card to test your unit. They might also have an old GP1650/1850 or NavNet 1 C-Map unit which can be used to test the FP card you already own.

Here is a link to the dealer list from Furuno UK:
Furuno USA
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