NN3D/TZT and DRS4D Update

NN3D/TZT and DRS4D Update

Postby MarMax » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:11 pm

I'm picking up my TZT9 tomorrow from the dealer. Will be adding it to my NN3D system that is software V2.13. Not sure what software version is on the DRS4D, probably what ever would have been done with the V2.07 update. Don't think any DRS4D software was updated with the V2.13 install.

Will I need to update the DRS4D to V1.18?

How is this done with a NN3D/TZT combined system?

The only instructions I've found discuss this update via the TZT which seems odd if the MFD8 is supposed to be the boss.

I also plan to continue to use my Maretron SSC200 heading sensor until I install the navpilot system. Will the TZT be happy with the SSC200? The SSC200 is on the MDF8 N2K network.
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Re: NN3D/TZT and DRS4D Update

Postby Johnny Electron » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:11 am

If you conducted the 2.07 incremental update then your radar should be at v1.18. Because the NN3D is the boss, 1.18 isn't required but still not a bad idea. You can verify the radar software with your TZT once you get it installed. (Home- Menu- Initial setup - Sensor list)

Under a NN3D and TZT mixed system, the TZT unit will NOT have a NMEA 2000 connection used. The Maretron should fine for the TZT. It is more about the NN3D since it will be the one talking via the NMEA 2000 bus. If the Maretron is working now, it will continue doing so after the TZT is added.

Currently radar software can be updated with a NN3D MFD (with incremental software), a PC, or with the TZT MFD units. For TZT2 customers, a new update program is coming soon to also allow this function.
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