Seamarks Program

Seamarks Program

Postby flowmotion » Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:16 pm

After quite a bit of time working with Seamarks, the program has become quite useful for working with waypoints (marks). I haven't found any other single program that does the job.

Some notes:

* if you have long comments use the tools-->swap/fill fields-->swap description and comments

* some symbols are not available, see below for which ones to avoid

* see below for color translations

Some glitches may occur during the installation (may be fixed). Call or email tech support. They will walk you through the issues easily.

TZtouch2 seamarks
red R
blue B
yellow A
magenta M
orange Y
cyan C
black D or "blank"

**SYMBOLS/ICONS (avoid these icons in either platform)**
TZtouch2 (icon # is based on MFD display of icons for selection, in rows of 4 icons each)
01 solid circle
08 shark
10 crab
23 coctail
25 power boat
32 fish eying hook
34 open circle
35 open square
36 open triangle
39 3 birds
40 1 bird
41 circle with center dot
42 dotted circle with center dot
43 clear circle with cross inside
44 dark filled circle with cross inside
45 dark square inside circle
47 cross inside dotted circle
48 clear ship wreck

02 o
21 sm fish
24 diver
32 ramp
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Re: Seamarks Program

Postby Johnny Electron » Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:12 am

Thanks for sharing that. Yes, I have heard they offer great support for their product. It is a very useful program.
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