FI5002 data to NMEA 2000 and Garmin

FI5002 data to NMEA 2000 and Garmin

Postby AndyBNH » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:08 am


Hopefully this is a simple question, but I appreciate any advise. I have recently spent a lot of time in awkward positions trying to map out the wiring diagram of the Furuno electronics in my new-to-me sailboat. There are a few problems that I have encountered that have led me to this exercise. Please see attached diagram.

1) The TZT9 Chartplotter will not get a GPS signal without the radar being on. This is a bad installation on a sailboat trying to conserve power. I believe it is because it is using the Airmar WX200 as the GPS sensor, which is wired to the radar on the mast.
2) TZT9 is installed at chart table, so using iPad at Helm. ALWAYS loses connection and freezes. Does not work well. Seems to have special software programmed in that knows when fog and large vessels are approaching so it can lose connection and freeze.
3) I purchased a standalone Garmin 742XS Plotter for helm and connected to NMEA backbone. Cannot see any instrument data. Would like to see that data on the Garmin so I can use some of the sailing software.

First question: can I connect the FI5002 directly to the NMEA 2000 backbone to share the instrument data to the Garmin? Currently the Garmin does not "see" the FI5002 because it is only connected to the TZT9, and therefore the instrument data only gets as far as the TZT9 and not onto the NMEA 2000 backbone it seems.

Second question: can i connect the Airmar WX200 directly to NMEA 2000, bypassing the radar connection, and thereby share all weather and GPS data to all devices, without the radar being powered up?

Please see attached poor-mans diagram.

Thank you for your help!!
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Re: FI5002 data to NMEA 2000 and Garmin

Postby Johnny Electron » Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:19 am

I think you have something wrong on the drawing. You show the WX200 sensor to the radar (DRS4DL) but that wouldn't be possible with that model. The DRS4DL doesn't offer a Canbus connection in the scanner like some of the other older model DRS units. The TZT shows two NMEA 2000 connections, one to the established bus and one to the FI5002 Junction box. It isn't really clear to me how things are currently wired but I would recommend only one NMEA 2000 bus. The FI5002 can be part of that bus but you must maintain proper NMEA 2000 architecture. For example you shouldn't power the FI5002 if you place it on a bus that is already powered unless you isolate the power. You should have only two terminations on your bus. If you have two existing terminations and add the FI5002 to use as a MULTI-T, then you want to ensure you also turn off the internal termination jumpers in it. You CANT have more than two terminations on any one bus. (unless you want problems) If using the FI5002 as a multi-T, you must ensure all your drop lengths are measured the entire length from the backbone to each end device. This entire total length can not exceed 6 meters. The Garmin should have no problems picking up the standard PGN data from the devices once properly on the bus with your other items. You also have to ensure your power drops are taken into account from where the bus is being powered. You might consider using Maretron's N2K builder program to help.
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