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Re: Maxsea TZ Sounder

Postby Johnny Electron » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:45 pm

All TZtouch displays should be connected to the NMEA 2000 network.
If you feed AIS to the 2000 bus, it will pass that AIS info over the Furuno Ethernet to your PC (via the normal RJ45 network connection).
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Re: Maxsea TZ Sounder

Postby Acer » Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:03 am

rmenendez wrote:This indeed it what the philosophy behind NMEA2000 was all about.

Of course you are right, if all brands would Keep that in mind. I am not going to start a Raymarine bashing here, but after using Raymarine gear for about twenty years I am quite sure that they dont follow the specs purposely and I think we all know why.

Mixing up brands often works, more or less. But in most of this cases something "gets lost in Translation".

I think I dont fully understand your Installation, but from my Point of view it might be a good idea to "collect" all the raymarine data and Transfer them into a Furuno NMEA2000-Backbone via the junction box. Having done that you can "spread" the data to the TZToch and other NMEA2K Instruments, RD33 for example.

Furthermore when mixing brands you often create a single Point of failure, I hope my Furnuo Installation is at least a Little bit bullet proof, well, it has to be because I am sailing an Ovni which was build to fight rough sea.

Jonny confirmed that the tztouch will pass also the ais data to Ethernet. So all you have to do is to connect the tztouch via cat5 cable with your Computer on you habe all the data you Need.

I "love" my PC with the maxsea Software running, well knowing that even my "seagoing" Computer is the weakest Point. But a pc like that is small and cheap (about 600USD even with a ssd) and its no big deal to have a cloned one for backup stowed away securly.
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Re: Maxsea TZ Sounder

Postby rmenendez » Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:05 pm


My installation is one that has grown over time starting with Raymarine equipment and PC's using both Maxsea 12.0 and Raymarine RNS. It is EXTENSIVE and as such expensive to replace all in one go. I am transitioning to Furuno albeit in stages as I am not ready to spend all at one time needed for the change. Its started with upgrading to Maxsea TZ and and the TZT with DFF3. I think there are many benefits going forward with Furuno, specially support for legacy equipment I believe is second to none. And reliability, my boat still has a GP30 and T2000 both many years old and no hiccups ever. Cannot say the same with RM. The weakest link is perhaps what is driven by PC's and Windows but as you said its easily fixed with little money. I run 2 pc's so both can backup each other at any time with video selector switch at the helm station, just in case..... I also love Maxsea just wished that I could find a truly easy way to handle key input elements at the helm other than with a trackball mouse or touchpad keyboard, suggestions much appreciated.
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